Terms and conditions for providers

Victoria University reserves the right to, refuse, or without notice to you, remove any listing the university considers to be harmful, offensive, inappropriate, discriminatory or otherwise objectionable or for any reason we consider it appropriate to do so.

You are responsible for ensuring that any listing on this website by you or on your behalf is complete, accurate and complies with all relevant laws.  More information on your rights and responsibilities can be found on the Consumer Affairs webpage at www.consumer.vic.gov.au/renting

Are you offering accommodation to four or more people paying individual rent in your home or property?

If you are offering accommodation to four or more people in one or more rooms, you are required to register your property as a Rooming House.  Registration ensures the premises meet health and safety regulations. Contact the local Council in which the property is located.

Victoria University is committed to ensuring accommodation offered to its students meets health and safety regulations and as such will require you to provide proof of your registration.


December 2011