Housing Resources


Consumer Affairs Victoria is the governing body responsible for the Residential Tenancies Act. Consumer Affairs Victoria can provide tenants with information, advice and a dispute resolution service.

Tenants Union of Victoria provides information to inform and educate you as a tenant about your rights and how to improve your conditions. They produce Publications in multiple languages and provide free and confidential telephone, drop-in and email advice.

Tip - You can also contact the Tenants Union of Victoria and Consumer Affairs Victoria for further information and assistance before you sign a lease or if things go wrong during the lease.

The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) provides a free mediation service to help resolve disputes. Phone DSCV: +61 3 9603 8310

Environment Victoria has tips on how to reduce your environmental impact when renting.  

Moneysmart provides a useful budget planner and a track my spend app to help with managing living costs.


Smartphone App

Download the Consumer Affairs Victoria Rentright App for important information and tools to help you manage your tenancy.


For general information on VU Student Housing Service watch the video.